Friday, September 14, 2012

{Wedding Lesson} Let's Be Real

Hello My Vintage Lovers! Long time no blog, I know! With only 43 days left until my big day - it's crunch time! Today, I just want to be real and share some truth I have learned throughout my Engagement and hopefully it will be of some value to you and your personal planning process. Besides deciding between ivory or white and cake or pie, I can honestly say my wedding planning process has been emotional and at times, a trying experience. Opinions and countless personalities are bound to make any decision making process difficult.
I trust I am not alone on this journey, weddings truthfully test not only your character but every one's involved. You really find out who genuinely cares for you and who is willing to bend over backwards to make your walk down the aisle that magical moment you have been dreaming of since childhood! Personally, I have learned a lot. There are things I would change and things I wouldn't, but all and all I have learned one very important thing - what really matters. It's not about anyone else - they have had or will have their time. It's your time to be selfish! After all, your only a Bride once.
There are going to be people that don't realize that and think only of themselves. I am happy to say that I am finally realizing that if that is how they feel, it's not worth my time worrying about negative opinions or trying to make other people happy. In the end, it's about that moment when the doors open, your friends and family stand, and you make eye contact with the Man you are going to spend the rest of your life with. 
Most of all, planning a wedding means more than just one day; there is nothing on this earth more important than Family; and that, while details are nice, true love always, always wins.

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Magaical Vintage Country Inspiration Shoot

Swooning is an understatement when it comes to this styled shoot from the  talented Memories By Sparky Photography. After 2 years of day-dreaming and 3 months of coordination, it is clear that an endless amount of passion and heart was put into the creation of this magical inspiration shoot! From the floral crown, countless vintage details, to the oh-so-airy images - it is hard not to be inspired, sigh!

From the Photographer, Memories By Sparky: After 2 years of dreaming, 3 months of coordination, 2 hours of detail set up and 5 hours of shooting, my dream Stylized Vintage Country Wedding shoot was born and forever captured in the beautiful country setting of Smoky Lake, AB. I am eternally grateful to everyone that had donated either their time or services to make this shoot possible. I accomplished what I had set out to do and loved every minute and every detail, I can only hope now, that I have inspired some beautiful brides. It all starts with your dream! Cheers!

Baker: Triple L Cakes
Photography: Memories By Sparky Photography

Friday, August 17, 2012

A Sweet Truck Bed Engagement

I cannot think of anything more romantic than snuggling up under some blankets in a vintage truck bed with your sweetie! Sent over from Element Photography, that is exactly the inspiration these two love birds had for their sweet engagement session! Touches of fabulous vintage, a laid back wardrobe and that yellow Chevy -this couple sure has a style I cannot help but adore!

Photography: Element Photography

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Timeless Love - A Notebook Inspired Engagement Shoot

With the Notebook being one of my all time favorite movies, I cannot help but to swoon over these high school sweethearts photographed by the talented Jennifer Lucia of Close to Home Photography. Replicating the timeless movie in a quaint vintage Texas town, this pre-WWII inspired engagement session really is the definition of "timeless love"!

Photography: Close to Home Photography

Monday, August 6, 2012

{Bridal Shoot} Sonoran Splendor

I am beyond obsessed with this gorgeous bridal shoot from Jenae Lopez Photography! My words won't even do the shoot justice, from the breathtaking Sonoran Desert backdrop to the bride-to-be modeling a vintage gown - I will have to let these stunning photos do all the talking!

From the Photographer, Jenae Lopez Photography: With the Sonoran sunset and cactus soldiers as our backdrop, my beautiful model and I headed out for some vintage Wedding dress fun! The gown is actually her Mother's Wedding gown-- and she wanted to get some pre-engagement photos in the dress. At the same time, she was a very artistically-inspired gal-- so wanted to make it a trendy and artistic shoot--- I think we nailed it! We changed clothes a few times, either adding to the dress, or keeping with the Ivory/white themed "dress code". I am in love with these images...I love the thought of a Vintage bride with some flair!

Photography: Jenae Lopez Photography

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Vintage 10 Year Anniversary Shoot

So much work goes into planning the perfect wedding but what happens after the big day is really what it's all about! This anniversary shoot from Patrick Hadley Photography features a beautiful couple so clearly in love - ten years later! With a passion for music and vintage, a perfect eclectic look was created for the shoot that I cannot help but swoon over!

Photography: Patrick Hadley Photography
Venue: Sanford Centennial Museum