Monday, January 17, 2011

Chair Couture

As the search for the perfect venue continues I cannot help diving into the small details and of course the seating is at the top of this list! No offense to the traditional folding chair but I plan on taking a different route for the big day! I want an assortment of mismatched chairs! There is something so whimsical to the disorder and unpredictability. I might be overextending myself trying to find 100-200 mismatched chairs (although I would LOVE the adventure of this) so I'll just have to scale the idea down to the cocktail hour with a few tables scattered about or even the head table at dinner! The options are endless and so much fun! Below are some great examples from various sources:


Although these are not mismatched I love the antique wicker look
All of these looks can be recreated! Garage sales, flea markets, and antique stores have an endless supply of antique chairs full of character! The fun is in the search!

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