Saturday, February 19, 2011

Shabby Chic: Mason Jars

One of my most inspirational use of shabby-chic decor is the mason jar! OBSESSED! Use them for centerpieces, flower vases, or candle holders as an unexpected twist to the traditional... the uses are endless! Fill with buttons, candy, or for a beach wedding try filling the jars with sand or sea shells!

A favorite of mine is to use mason jars as hanging lanterns, talk about a romantic yet rustic lighting option!
  • They are also an easy DIY project: simply wrap a length of wire around the jars lip (tightly) and then affix another piece of wire to the first piece to make a handle! As an alternative to the look, try securing them with twine and filling them with flowers to create hanging vases.

Mason jars make PERFECT drinking glasses for a truly southern chic inspired event, fill with a little Jack Daniels or sweet tea and your good to go!

    And for the budget savvy bride, did I mention they are a great way to save some extra cash?!Woohoo!

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