Thursday, July 12, 2012

{Guest Blogger} Let's Talk Maid of Honor


As much as I love talking about all things weddings, inspiration, and styled shoots - there is only so much this girl can share with you all! That is why I am BEYOND ecstatic to announce that my Sister, and Maid of Honor, will be gracing Life of a Vintage Lover with occasional guest blog posts that specifically focus on the oh-so-important role of Maid of Honor! As a newbie to the whole wedding world, she was sure thrown a huge task with assisting my crazy wedding obsessed-self! Not alone, many Maid of Honors out there have felt the same overwhelming feeling she was faced with upon taking such a task! That is why I want to provide advice, insight, and inspiration for all you MOH's out there from none other than my own MOH!

So enough from me, take it away Lauren!

This is for the ladies that get the HONOR be the Bride’s number one, right hand woman, and fulfill all the duties that come along with the fully loaded title of Maid of Honor… 


I am Lauren, younger sister of Caitlin and Maid of Honor for her October 2012 wedding. Currently, I am a student at the University of North Dakota and I will be graduating in 2013 with an Elementary Education Degree with an emphasis in ELL. Clearly, Caitlin’s path is quite different than my own and our passions differ but I utterly respect and cherish her love of “junk” and in that I knew planning her wedding would be different than anything I have ever seen before.

Growing up, my Parents always told my Sister and I that despite how many friends we may have or given the status of our relationship at the time of our own proposals, we would be given the title of Maid of Honor for each others weddings. Therefore, roughly two years ago when my older Sister called with the opening line, “Will you be my Maid of Honor?!” of course I was thrilled because I knew our childhood dream had come true and that she was going to marry her Prince Charming. However, soon after that came questions, wonder, anxiety, and nerves as to what is expected from me? Given that my Sister’s wedding is the first wedding I will be attending in over two years and the very first wedding I have ever been a part of despite being my Aunt's flower girl many, many years ago - I had no idea what was expected of me or where to go for answers! As you all know there are plenty of websites, books, and advice that people will give but I have found that sometimes it will point you in the wrong direction. That being said, Caitlin is giving me the opportunity to share my insight thus far in my personal experience as being a Maid of Honor and advice I have gained throughout the experience… Over the next few posts, I plan to give you advice as I experience all the details first hand!

That being said, today I will start by giving three simple pieces of advice:

1. You should know and respect what the Bride is looking for in her wedding and stick to that image.

2. Try to not overwhelm yourself and shut-down. You need to be organized and stick to one task at a time.

3. You need to do what you feel comfortable with! Also, do what you want to see in your Maid of Honor one day.


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