Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Getaway Wedding

I have a new venue idea for the ultimate destination wedding! I know, I know... you are saying geez Caitlin just pick a venue, it can't be that hard! The truth is I am a little picky, okay A LOT picky! I just want everything to be PERFECT, so until I find perfection I guess I will keep looking! :)

So here's my idea: Luxury vacation home rentals. If you are going to spend $5,000 to $10,000 on just a wedding venue why not make a week vacation out of it?! Week rentals on the larger properties range from about 2k to 15k+ (depending on the season). The larger property rentals typically sleep 25+ which eliminates the hassle of finding hotels for many family and friends! Talk about creating the ultimate celebration! Plus vacation home rentals are available pretty much wherever a heart desires, perfect!

Here is a property rental located on North Carolina's Outer Banks. With it's very own private beach, it is perfect for a gorgeous destination beach wedding! Can I move in please?!

This is a beautiful private lodge located in the rolling Tennessee mountains!

Incrediable property in West Shore, Lake Tahoe, California!

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