Sunday, March 6, 2011

Grow Some Green

One word that best describes flowers for a wedding...EXPENSIVE! That is why I am here to tell all those brides on a budget there is NO need waste all of your precious pennys. Don't get me wrong though, I am obsessed with flowers! In fact the more flowers at my wedding, the better! But reality is that I cannot afford to spend 10k+ on just flowers to make that dream come true, maybe if that lottery ticket comes through it'll be a different story but for now... there is no way! So here's the deal, save some extra cash for the honeymoon and get your hands dirty with this DIY!
What you will need: potting tools, soil, some fabulous shabby-chic pots, and of course flowers!

1) Choose flowers:

When choosing flowers make sure you take into consideration; are they shade or full sun flowers? Where will your pot sit? Out in the sun or in a shady spot? Are they high maintenance flowers? What is the color scheme of your wedding?

2) Choose potting soil

3) Choose a pot:

Get creative! Try vintage mason jars, tin cans, pop/milk crates... the options are endless! Check out antique stores and flea markets!

4) Plant the flowers in the pot:

Tap the flower container gently to free the flowers, roots and soil from the container it came home in. Pull apart any overgrown and coiled roots that are compacted to loosen them up. Set the roots end into the pot that has been partially filled with the potting soil. The top of the root ball should be about an inch or so from the top of the pot's rim. Add more potting soil to completely cover the roots. Water the flowers thoroughly.

5) Care for flowers:

If you live in a warm weather area you may need to water the flowers once or even twice a day on hot days. If you have cooler weather once or twice a week may be enough. Potted flowers need regular fertilizing for best plant growth and to ensure continually beautiful blooming flowers throughout the season. Follow the fertilizer guidelines carefully.


If you are considering DIY, remember to put something beneath the container you choose to catch any moisture.  You certainly don’t want the arrangements to drip any water or moisture that could stain your linens! Also, consider to plant at least a handful of extra pots just in case one decides to give out on you prior to your wedding. Should you have extras, just spread them around on empty tables or ledges for added ambiance!
 Talk about inexpensive and easy, and the best part?! After the wedding you and the hubby can relocate the pretty potted flowers to your new home! This plus the white-picket fence... can you say "they lived happily-ever after?!"

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