Wednesday, June 8, 2011

California Bohemian Wedding Al Fresco

Today I seem to be very inspired by all things bohemian and after seeing this wedding inspiration by The White Flower Boutique and Flutter Glass Photography, you'll see why! Simply breathtaking.

The team shares, “This shoot grew from a love for all things bohemian mixed with a penchant for the gorgeous natural parks of California. We were inspired by the vibrant oranges of the state flower, the poppy, and the perfectly speckled feathers of the state bird, the quail. Fuse these all together and what do you get? Why California Bohemian, of course, and so our concept was born. We wanted to evoke the feeling of a roving gypsy caravan that stopped in the wilds of California and threw a gorgeous bohemian wedding al fresco. Think bright, wild blooms mixed with antique gold and feathers. Lots of feathers.”

Clearly a work of genius, am I right?!

 Courtney Cole of White Flower Boutique
Photography: Flutter Glass
Source: The Sweetest Occasion

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  1. Fabulous shoot! The warm colors of the florals are wonderful amidst the woodsy and vintage (should I say bohemian?) elements.