Tuesday, December 6, 2011

BHLDN Yard Stake DIY


I adore these "Of The Meadow Yard Stakes" from BHLDN but there is no way I am going to spend $68 for them, yikes! Thankfully the talented people over at Susie Mey and A Subtle Revelry offer a fantastic DIY tutorial for these beauties! So without further adieu, here is how to get this look for less;

What you will need:
  • Branch
  • Scissors
  • Two 6-foot bundles of twine
  • Vintage milk or pop bottle

Step 1: Carefully use a saw or knife to sharpen the end of the branch. This will allow for easier entry into the ground.

Step 2: With the sharpened end of the stake facing downwards, align the glass bottle along the top of the stake. Fasten the twine to the place you will begin attaching the bottle, see above.

Step 3: Loop the twine around the bottle 1-2 times. Next, reverse directions looping the twine around the stake.

Step 4: Repeat this until the bottle is tightly fastened to the stake. Next, tie a knot at end to fasten.

Step 5: Using the second line of twine, repeat above steps to ensure the bottle is secure to stake.

Step 6: On the wedding day, fill with flowers and enjoy!

Thanks so much to Susie Mey and A Subtle Revelry for such a great tutorial! I cannot wait to give this DIY a try for my big day!

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  1. I love BHLDN!!! This is a cute DIY & probably wouldnt take too much time. At BHLDN though, you do get four of them for $68 which seems more reasonable to me... especially if you dont have time to make them. Love how these are great to line your aisle for an outdoor wedding or just as great backyard decor!