Thursday, April 28, 2011

Luminary DIY

Creating the right mood at a wedding is so very important! Nothing accomplishes this better than lighting right?! Well thankfully I have a wonderfully easy and cheap DIY to help accomplish this, hand made luminaries!

What you will need: Paper lunch bags, votive candles, and sand.

You can simply leave the bag as is or get creative with decorating. Try using a hole-punch, trimming the top of the bag to make a custom edge, or stamp the bags with your monogram. If you want to get really creative, pick up an Xact-o knife and some stencils. Just be sure to place cardboard in the bag before using the Xacto-knife to cut out the stencil design, as to avoid cutting through both sides of the bag.

After decorating, simply pour sand into the bottom of each bag to weigh down.  This will help to keep the bags from blowing over and starting on fire, talk about a wedding downer! Next place your candles inside, and light!

I recommend using the luminaries to line the aisle or walkways, hanging from trees to create an inexpensive lantern, or as centerpieces.

Safety Tip: Try using LED tea lights to avoid any wedding worry!

Simple huh?! Talk about an easy DIY that is sure to bring ambiance to any wedding!

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